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Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Baby Gavin's 3 Month Photos

It is not very often that I get to do 3 month photos outdoors, but this past weekend was so beautiful out, we just could not pass up outdoor photos for baby Gavin! The weather was so wonderful that Gavin decided to take a nice long nap during his shoot! Although we already captured sleeping…

Murfreesboro Children's Photographer Presents: Rose's 4 Month Portraits

Meet Sweet Rose! Rose was in a fabulous mood and was full of smiles the day of her shoot, which for a four month shoot is not always the case. I could not stop gushing about her sweet little dark curls! I can’t help it, I always wanted a baby with curly hair 🙂 Love…

Murfreesboro Photographer presents: Caroline

Baby Caroline had the best of both worlds for her shoot! She was wide awake and smiling for the first part and then fell fast asleep during the second part! She was able to prop herself right up for tummy time so that was awesome! Here are some favorites!

Favorites from this weekend

I still have one more shoot to edit from this weekend, but I wanted to share these before I get started!  No major commentary on either one except that both shoots were a lot of fun!  Its not every day that I get to photograph a 3 month old sleeping, so that was particularly exciting! 

Baby J’s Sneak Peek

Smiles Smiles Smiles!  For a baby of just 3 months, baby J was full of sweet little grins!  Here are some of my favorites from his shoot!