Belle in the Boro

We had the most enchanting visit with Belle last week! There was dancing, there was a tea party and of course storytime! The little princesses LOVED the time they spent with Belle and their moms LOVED the photos! Belle will be back with me on August 18th if your princess would like a one on one experience! Here are my faves!

{ Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods }

This Winnie the Pooh inspired shoot was literally everything I hoped it would be!  Every single detail of Landons outfit was perfect down to the socks and shoes!  I have done themed shoots (Harry Potter) with this family before and once we commit, this family commits and it makes all the difference in the world!  Betsy (Mom) is so good at finding and or making all the pieces of the look fit together and Eric (Dad) will do just about anything to help us get the perfect shot!  He didn’t bat an eye when we were like, so can you take off your shoes, wade through that water and also standby for safety while we take some pics???  Here are my faves!

{ Emma’s 2 Year Session}

Lets just say Emma is a little ham!!  She smiled from start to finish which makes my job easy and fun!!  What more can I ask for??  It might have been a little wet outside, but we still got so many great shots!  Here are a few of my faves!

{Ahann’s 6 Month Session }

We FINALLY got to do Ahann’s 6 month session after being rained at least twice!  He liked all of the things to look at outdoors and I loved getting to include his grandparents before they return home from their visit.   It was the most adorable thing how much he loved his grandmother!  He was FULL of kisses!   We shot at Pinkerton Park in Franklin which was new for me, but so long as I have some nice golden hour light, I’m always happy!  Here are my faves!

{ Murfreesboro Unicorn Sessions }

It is no secret that I love to have magical fairytale style photoshoots!  Olaf is Harris Riding Academy’s most awesome unicorn but he has recently been given the incredible honor in becoming the American Saddlebred Registry “Diplomat of the Breed”! Everyone who meets him falls in love but his family loves him the very most so I was so excited to get to shoot with Rae and Olaf together!   Individually they are both so beautiful and together they are STUNNING!


Sweet Spring

Meet the Hall Family!  Twin boys, baby sister, lets just say, I hope Mom and Dad love coffee!!  They were a joy to shoot with!   Mama wanted pretty flowers so when this field of wild flowers popped up and I knew we had to shoot there!   This was a classic session… the package includes 20 images….. it arrived to them with 50+ images to keep forever!  There were so many gorgous family, sibling and  mommy and me photos happening before my eyes, we just kept on shooting!  40 minutes start to finish and these are just my faves!

Can We Break Tradition??

There were so many amazing photos from this shoot, I just had to share a few more!  All of the dancers were so amazing that day! What is this breaking of traditions I speak of?   This is my suggestion-  This year, lets ditch the recital flowers and invest in something your dancer can keep to remember this year forever! Want more information? Shoot me a text! 615.426.5419.