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{Ahann’s 6 Month Session }

We FINALLY got to do Ahann’s 6 month session after being rained at least twice!  He liked all of the things to look at outdoors and I loved getting to include his grandparents before they return home from their visit.   It was the most adorable thing how much he loved his grandmother!  He was…

{ Nashville Dance Project }

So I have a 11 year old friend, her name is Emme…. I have done her photos a few times and she dances with my girls.  She knows a million more things about instagram than I do.  (Literally, I have never felt so inadequate as when I try to use instagram 🙂  She follows all…

Newborns of 2017

Looking back at my calendar, Little Tots Photography did 67 newborn sessions this year- that is CrAZY to me- three of them being sets of twins!!! I got to meet so many wonderful families, hang out with lots of sleepy mom and dads and play with lots of super proud big brothers and big sisters….

{Pride Family}

Everyone always asks, why kids? Why not weddings? Weddings pay more, they are “seemingly” less work (They are not really…. hats off to my wedding photographer friends!) This is why!!!! I. LOVE. THESE. IMAGES. When I was like 12 or 13, I found work by Kim Anderson and I fell completely and totally in love…

Daly Family

Daly Family- I love these people. Not only do they bring me their babies, sometimes they bring me puppies too! This couple is amazing! Lots of babies, lots of patience and lots of love! I adore shooting with them! The pic in the album with ALL the boys….. if I named my photos, this one…

{Desalva Family}

As per usual, the blog has gone by the wayside during the Christmas season! But I wanted to share a few of my favorites from Fall and Christmas! Lets start here- New location, amazing clients willing to wait for golden hour perfectness and brave the cold! Loved this shoot so much!

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents { Puppy and Me }

I have had the pleasure of photographing Miss K from a teeny tiny baby till now.  The best part about that is watching her grow into such a sweet, funny little girl.  When I heard that she was getting a puppy, I told her mom, she NEEDS puppy and me photos.  First of all, I NEVER…