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Murfreesboro Photographer presents: Max's 9 Month Sneak Peek

Last Monday was finally warm enough to get to shoot outside and Max was my first outdoor shoot of the season. Ahhhhhhh! How I love outside shoots! Max is normally quite serious when I pull out my camera, but he was full of smiles for this shoot. Good weather and a happy baby, now it…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Sweet Kalin's 9 Month Photos

I can’t get enough of this sweet baby! I always get excited when we book her next shoot because I know that I’ve got some sweet Kalin smiles coming my way! Here’s a few of my favorites from her latest session:)

Murfreesboro Photographer presents: Ashley's Senior Portraits and Bree's 9 Month Photos

So these two are not sisters of course, but I photographed both of them last weekend and I just had to share! Tons of people ask me if I do senior portraits and the answer is yes:) I do, I haven’t updated my site lately with all of the new pics, but I will be…