Monthly Archives: August 2011

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Miss P's 3 Year Portraits

Her name is Poppy, but think of her as Punky…. as in Punky Brewster! Her spunky little personality and cute little expressions made our shoot a lot of fun! I had to post a few of my favs- Check em out!

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Rose's 6 Month Photos

Rose’s 6 month shoot was more of a lifestyle shoot as all of the photos were taken in her home! This is definitely a different path than most shoots as I usually shoot in my studio or outdoors, but it was great! I love how the photos turned out and I think it is especially…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Sweet Kalin's 9 Month Photos

I can’t get enough of this sweet baby! I always get excited when we book her next shoot because I know that I’ve got some sweet Kalin smiles coming my way! Here’s a few of my favorites from her latest session:)

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Blaine's 1 Year Portraits

Happy Birthday Blaine!  What a sweet sweet boy!  So cute and full of smiles even though it was well over 95 degrees outside! Just had to share a few from his shoot!