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Murfreesboro Photographer presents: Alexis, Ashlee and Michael

I have to start by saying I had so much fun at this shoot! First of all Michael, Ashlee and Alexis were some of the nicest teenagers I have met!  Michael’s little expressions had me cracking up and it was truely a pleasure to work with such sweet kids!  They were up for anything so there was tree…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Gage's Smash Cake Session

Can I just say that this baby boy knew just what to do with his smash cake!  It was so great! There was none of the normal hesitation, no confusion, Gage just dug right in and got busy having a little snacky snack! Here are some of my favs that I made into a collage…….

Addie and Ava

  Its only been three months since I’ve seen these two cuties, but they have changed so much! I love love love the little one’s eyes!  So stunning and blue!  It was really little sisters shoot, but we had to add in a few of big sister since she was looking all cute and smiley!…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Ethan

  Well… baby Ethan is not a baby anymore either!  The first time I photographed him, he was just turning 1 year old, and for me it is always fun to see how much a baby has changed in a year!  This shoot was one of my favorite 2 yr shoots of all times because…

Murfreesboro Little Tots Photography Presents: Bella

Sweet Baby Bella, what can I say?  Well… she was cute as can be and she was very cooperative considering I can’t imagine what time she was woke up to be at my studio by 8:00am.  I don’t normally schedule things quite that early, but under special circumstances, I’ve been known to actually make use of…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Miss Jade

Let me just say how awesome it was to see Ms. Jade again!  She was so happy during her shoot and had so many smiles and I didn’t even have to stand on my head or make any obnoxious noises to prompt it!  Sweet!  Here are some favorites!

kristinaSeptember 2, 2010 - 8:31 pm

Where did you take these ? They are fabulous!!

Sarah LawrenceSeptember 2, 2010 - 9:03 pm

This is right here in Murfreesboro!