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{ Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods }

This Winnie the Pooh inspired shoot was literally everything I hoped it would be!  Every single detail of Landons outfit was perfect down to the socks and shoes!  I have done themed shoots (Harry Potter) with this family before and once we commit, this family commits and it makes all the difference in the world! …

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents { Kellen's TMNT Shoot }

Obsessions can basically have two parental responses- Reject or Embrace it.  TMNT = Embrace !  1980’s WIN

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents: Bryson's Harry Potter Themed Shoot

As parents, we all want our kids to be into the things that we are into!   Bryson and Landon got a nice little introduction to the Wizard World during his Harry Potter Shoot!  I think Mom and Dad approve!

Murfreesboro Dance Photographer presents { Anna }

Miss Anna is a little firecracker in life and on the dance floor!  I have watched her for years grow up on stage and I finally got the opportunity to photograph her!  I did not want to do traditional studio shots and I hope my wild idea did not disappoint!   Thank you Miss Anna…

Murfreesboro Photographer presents: {Fierce}

Yay its January!  Thankfully Murfreesboro has had some mild weather so I could get out and get creative and work on some of my own projects!  I have seen something like this on Pinterest and I knew I had to make it with my own little tribe!   Here was round one. I learned some…

Murfreesboro Photographer Presents- { Sidewalk Chalk- First Attempt }

This was my first attempt with a sidewalk chalk shoot! Yes, I definitely used some Pinterest inspirations but we had a good time and I learned a lot! Thanks to Lucy for being my little test subject model 🙂

Murfreesboro Children's Photographer Presents: Gone Fishing Themed Shoot

Little Man’s Mama won my very first contest/giveaway for a free mini session and she was kind enough to let me try out a new concept I was playing with. I think he had fun!!!