What is a session with Little Tots Photography like?

Fun!! It’s relaxed and playful and we will work together to design photos that represent YOUR FAMILY! Let me know what you envision for your photos and we will work to get exactly what you want! Each photo session is up to 2 hours long and can take place indoors and or your favorite outdoor venue. It is your shoot and you decide how to use your time whether it is indoors or outdoors or both. If you would like an outdoor shoot, but don’t have a place in mind, I have several places for you to choose from. During your shoot, we can break as many times as needed for feeding or potty breaks or whatever else your little one may require.

Can we do individual photos and family photos in the same shoot?

There is no additional cost for more than one person to be in the photos and it is absolutely no problem to take individual as well as family portraits during the same shoot!

What does the session fee cover?

It covers a consultation by email or phone before the session to answer any questions you have and to help you select the perfect outfits and locations for your session. Next, we’ll spend 1-2 hours together for the actual photo shoot at the location of your choosing. Finally, I will edit and retouch the best photos from your session and put them on a password protected online gallery for your viewing. A CD or DVD will be mailed to you within a week of your shoot. The session fee does not cover the cost of any prints. You may choose to use my printing service, or you may choose to print your photos somewhere else. The sitting fee is non refundable.

How many pictures will I receive?

You can expect between 50 and 75 photos if all goes well! I cannot work miracles, but I will work every ounce of magic I have to make your shoot fun and full of smiles! Keep nap times in mind when we schedule your shoot for the best chance of happy babies!

What to wear?

Coordinating, not matching! I can’t say this enough. Stay in the same color family, but do not show up in jeans and matching white t shirts because I will cry. All joking aside, pick a few colors and go with it. Brown, White, Khaki and a bright color like Blue or Orange can be fun. Some with color on top and some with color on bottom looks nice too! Boots, hats and tutus and leggings can add spice to your child’s outfits as well.

Tell me about newborn Photos?

During your third trimester give me a call. This will give me a chance to answer any questions about your newborn shoot before the baby arrives. Once the baby has made a grand entrance, give me a call from the hospital. We will set a date and time for your shoot within the first 10 days. You will have access to all of my props including hats, bows, bowls, blankets, ect.